Never trust a dog to watch your food (and other stories)

Episode 1. When we lived in Big Bear Lake, we had a dog that was a Lab/Australian Shepherd mix named Ruffy. One day we had grilled steaks for dinner and were getting ready to eat. The dog was laying down nicely across the room, sleeping. (So we thought.) My husband backed his chair up and bent down to pick up his napkin. To this day, we don’t know how Ruffy managed to cross the distance to my husband’s plate, grab the steak, and be out the back door before my husband even sat back up.

Episode 2.  My daughter was in kindergarten when Ruffy struck again. It was a Saturday, and I had made her a baloney sandwich for lunch. She was sitting at the table and holding her sandwich, getting ready to take a bite, when her sister called her name. She turned to answer and when she turned back to bite her sandwich, all she had was the one corner in her hand. It’s a good thing they were buddies.

Episode 3. Ruffy had a thing for new things. Particularly shoes and backpacks. Every time the kids would get new ones, the next morning they would be chewed. The next time these items were replaced, I buried them in the bottom of the toy chest and covered them with old stuff. Confident that the new shoes and backpacks would finally be safe, I went to bed. The next morning I hear the kids yelling. When I got downstairs, there were all the old things strewn all over the floor and the new ones chewed. RUFFY!

Episode 4. When my husband left for work each morning, he would drive down our long driveway then get out and close the gate. He would wave goodbye to Ruffy who liked to lay in the driveway and watch him leave. “Good dog” my husband told him. This particular day when my husband drove down the street, he happened to look in his rearview mirror and was shocked when he saw Ruffy sail the fence like a dear and was off and running.



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