Fiestas, Jamborees, Roundups and Thumps

I love this blog! Hope you get as big a kick out of this post as I did!

Texana's Kitchen

One should not live anywhere in the south without seeing or experiencing some of the many agricultural events that celebrate their area’s farming bounty. Since the southern culture is so deeply rooted in its farming and agricultural history, just about every county has one or more fairs, festivals, or other community events designed to celebrate the seasonal harvest. And since these events were designed around farming communities and families, they present great opportunities for family friendly activities, good music, and old fashioned fun. And food. Lots and lots of food and other consumables centered around the local harvest.

The standard fair offerings are always available, such as corndogs, funnel cakes, and onion blossoms, but if you don’t want to un-eat your lunch when you ride the Gravitron, leave the super heavy, greasy fair food behind. Eat some of the fresh made foods that the locals are showcasing. You and the…

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