Now THIS is Comfort Food!

Red beans and rice is kinda of like gumbo; everyone has a different recipe. Some like theirs soupy, some like it dry. Whatever your preference, it’s total comfort food. Now it’s even easier with a crockpot.


*You can soak beans overnight, if desired.

2 lbs of dry red (kidney) beans

1 lrg chopped onion

salt and pepper to taste

minced garlic to taste

2-3 smoked ham hocks

chicken broth

long grain rice


Rinse beans and pick out bad ones.

Place ham hocks in crockpot with space between them.

Pour in beans, onions and seasonings.

Cover with sufficiently with water, or the chicken broth. (I prefer the chicken broth)

Turn on high for approx. 4 hours. Add more liquid, if needed.

About the last half hour of cooking, cook rice according to directions. Tip: For perfect rice, right at the end turn off heat and let the rice steam until fully cooked.

When done, spoon beans into a bowl and top with rice.



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